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The Peabody Coven is the most powerful coven in Massachusetts. Not only are the seven women of the coven powers unto themselves, but they have a unique way to pool their powers together and create massive and spectacular effects.

Andrea McShane.png

Andrea McShane

Andrea is the coven leader and it is her ability that allows the seven women to combine their powers into the CONVERGENCE thereby multiplying the power of one of the women's casting by the power of the other six.

Sophie Hunter

Sophie is the coven's druid. She gains her power from the flora and fauna of mother earth.Within the coven, she is often seen as Andrea's right hand.

Jennifer Miles

Out of all seven women in the coven, Jennifer is the only witch. While there are no flying broomsticks or wands in Jennifer's life, her magics are more of the traditional witch practitioner.

Marisol Castro

Marisol's magic hails from her Caribbean ancestry, particularly among the Arawak peoples. Her magics deal a lot with the ocean and the sky.

Brenda Derosiers

Brenda is descended from native Wampanoags of Massachusetts. She is a healer and can commune with spirits.

Alice Winters

Alice's powers come from divination. She can read tarot, Norse runes, tea leaves - whatever it takes. She's a very gifted seer and fortune teller.

Su-Hyun Park

Su-Hyun is a Mudang, a shaman. She can create powerful talismans called bujeoks that offer everything from good luck, protection from evil, to dispelling dark magic.

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