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For over century and a half, Lisa has kept the toll of her curse at bay. In doing so, she's maintained the remnants of the woman she was at life, but she has denied herself a great deal of power. Such a sacrifice can be dangerous in nights filled with supernatural perils. Matters complicate when a mortal becomes entwined in her life. How will Lisa keep her secret hidden from a new friend while protecting him from the horrors that threaten herself and everyone close to her?

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Vampires and fae have a tenuous relationship. The arrangement dates back to ancient times, and the balance is delicate at best. When a vampire is killed by a mysterious entity, the young vampire, Siobhan McQueeney is thrust into a plot to free Boston from the hold the fae lords have upon their city.

When the Peabody Coven discovers a great evil in a nearby park, the coven must come together to combine their magics to vanquish a harmful blight on mother earth.

But what can corrupt the land can also corrupt the mind.

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